Which virtual assistant can you trust?

Virtual assistants are often considered to be a great alternative to human assistants, but a new study by the Boston Consulting Group found that some are better than others.The study

How much does an AI assistant cost?

The most expensive AI assistant on the market right now?The iPhone X. And it comes in two versions: the base version that comes with Siri and Google Assistant, and the Advanced Edition that adds Alexa and Google Now.The Advanced Edition costs $799 and is compatible with all iPhones.The base version costs $899.But

Workout: How to set up virtual assistant jobs

This article will show you how to set your own virtual assistant as a task.Here are some tips on how to do this.1.Set your schedule.You can set your schedule at

The future of care assistants?

It’s a question that has troubled many employers.Now, one of the biggest firms in the field is considering moving away from virtual assistants to a new line of work, with

How to save money using Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can use Amazon Mechanical (Amazon’s virtual assistant) to pay for things, and then use the same money to buy more things.The service is now live on Amazon’s website.You can

Which is your best virtual assistant?

If you’re looking for a virtual assistants to help you manage your home or office, or if you’re wondering how to find one, then the answers may surprise you.If you