How much does an AI assistant cost?

The most expensive AI assistant on the market right now?The iPhone X. And it comes in two versions: the base version that comes with Siri and Google Assistant, and the Advanced Edition that adds Alexa and Google Now.The Advanced Edition costs $799 and is compatible with all iPhones.The base version costs $899.But

How to Get the Best Personal Assistant Jobs for the Rich

As the technology for personal assistants and assistants that work in offices and homes becomes increasingly sophisticated, you may be asking yourself the question, what is the best personal assistant

How to be an assistant in 2017

Personal assistants are not only needed to help people make appointments, get appointments and get the information they need, but also to do all the other stuff that is essential

Virtual assistant software costs $7,500, says research

A new study has found that a virtual assistant could be significantly cheaper for consumers, at least in a short time.The research was done by Gartner and Technomic.Gartneds said that