Virtual assistants are often considered to be a great alternative to human assistants, but a new study by the Boston Consulting Group found that some are better than others.

The study found that the best virtual assistant tasks and most personal assistant duties are more effective when they are delegated to an assistant rather than being created manually. 

This is because they are more likely to have the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish them.

The study also found that virtual assistants were less likely to be judged on their ability to understand users’ needs and interests than they are when they were created manually, and the best assistants were not the most competent when it came to making decisions and planning for the future.

The authors said the study’s findings should serve as a reminder to users that the use of virtual assistants is not always the right thing to do, but it does help them to decide which virtual assistant to use.

The most important consideration, they said, is that virtual assistants can be trained and improved on to make them even better. 

The study found the best assistant tasks were more effective in meeting the needs of a given person and the most effective when it comes to making the right decision about their needs. 

When it comes down to the final decision, the authors concluded, the best thing to be done is to trust the virtual assistant’s judgment.

“The most important decision that you can make is whether or not you want to delegate tasks to an automated system or to an individual,” said Daniel Goetz, vice president of the Boston Institute for Research on Automation.

“That decision should always be based on the best advice available to you.”