Personal assistants are the most popular jobs in the US.

But there are plenty of different ones, with the most important being that they are flexible and can adapt to your lifestyle and career goals.

We’ve picked out the best smartphone and tablet personal assistants, including Google Home, Cortana, Amazon Echo and Samsung Home.

Read more Personal assistants The most popular personal assistants: Google Home Personal assistant Alexa Amazon Echo Samsung Home Google Assistant Microsoft Office Google Now Siri Cortana Apple Siri Amazon Echo Amazon Fire TV Google Home Apple TV Personal assistant: Google Now You can use a voice assistant to tell you the weather, watch your favourite shows and read your favourite books, movies and TV shows.

It’s a good idea to have an active voice assistant with you when you are on the go, so you can be ready to answer your phone’s questions.

The best personal assistants can be used to take you places, read emails and reply to texts.

We know how useful Google Assistant can be, because we used it to send a text to my partner while she was away.

The Google Home voice assistant is the perfect personal assistant for getting directions to your home, answering your questions and setting reminders.

You can also use the Google Home to answer questions like, “Where is the nearest subway stop?”

You can even make it your personal assistant when you’re in public and need to take photos, answer questions or ask for directions.

But it’s not always a good thing to have a personal assistants on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

Amazon Echo Home Personal assistants: Alexa Amazon Alexa Google Home Microsoft Office Microsoft Office Siri Cortana Amazon Echo Google Home Amazon Fire HD Amazon Fire X Amazon Fire Pro Alexa Personal assistant : Alexa You can get up to eight personal assistants for just $59.99.

If you are a big fan of Google Home or Amazon Echo, you may want to check them out as well.

If Amazon’s Echo Home or Google Home are not for you, you can always use Google Assistant.

You might want to make a Google Home app so you get more personal assistant options.

If the Echo Home and Google Home aren’t for you or you just don’t want a personal computer, there are also the Amazon Echo Laptop and Amazon Echo Smart Home.

Amazon’s Amazon Echo is a smart speaker with Alexa.

Amazon and its Echo speakers are connected to the Internet via Amazon Web Services, which means they can be controlled remotely.

The Echo Lifestyle is an Echo smart home speaker.

Amazon Alexa is an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

If Alexa doesn’t work with the Echo Laundry, Amazon’s Alexa can be programmed to play music.

Amazon will send you reminders and information when Alexa detects a particular task, such as when you have a laundry to do.

Amazon is also working on a smart assistant for grocery shopping, so it might be worth testing Alexa before you buy one.

Apple Siri Siri Personal assistant Google Now Amazon Alexa Cortana Microsoft Office Amazon Echo Apple Siri Alexa Siri is a voice-activated assistant that can do a wide range of tasks and will ask questions.

Apple has built an extensive library of voice commands, so Siri can be a good companion for any kind of task.

Apple’s Siri has been designed to work across devices, from tablets to smartphones.

Apple is also launching a Siri app, so if you’re looking for a smart voice assistant that works across Apple products, then Apple is your best bet.

The Apple Home is an Apple Home smart speaker and Alexa assistant.

Apple Home Amazon Echo Microsoft Office Apple Siri Cortana Google Home Alexa Siri Alexa Cortana Amazon Home Alexa Personal Assistant : Alexa Siri can also be programmed as a voice search.

You’ll find Siri on Apple’s Home, the Apple TV, the iPhone and iPad, the Amazon Fire and the Apple Watch.

If Siri doesn’t answer your questions, you’ll be able to search for the answer.

The Amazon Echo has Siri on its Amazon Echo.

Amazon has also added Siri on the Apple Home and Apple TV speakers.

Google Home is Google Assistant, but it’s better than Siri.

Siri can perform a wide variety of tasks, including ordering food, finding your local restaurant, finding out what movies you want to watch, setting reminders and more.

Google Assistant is also integrated into Google Home so it can access the Internet and control the lights in your home.

Amazon Fire Echo The best Amazon Fire smart speakers: Google Assistant Google Now Cortana Microsoft Home Alexa Google Now Google Home Cortana Microsoft Assistant Amazon Echo You can control the Amazon Alexa smart speaker from your smartphone or tablet.

You just need to add the Alexa app to your Amazon Fire devices.

If that doesn’t help, Amazon will also add the Google Assistant app to the Echo devices.

You don’t need an Echo to use Google Home.

If your Alexa device is a tablet or smartphone, you might want a separate speaker for voice search and for making calls.

Amazon also recently announced a new smart speaker for Amazon Echo called the Amazon Tap, which has Amazon’s voice search technology. It