Google will launch its virtual assistants in the UK, Germany and France, the company announced.

In its annual Google+ update, the internet giant said its virtual helpers will soon be available in the three countries.

“Google has been a leader in virtual assistants, so this is exciting news for all of us who love our Google Glass and are looking forward to using Google Assistant on our phones, tablets and computers,” Google+ co-founder Eric Schmidt said in the update.

Google’s virtual assistants have been a hit in the US and the UK since they were first launched in October 2016.

Google said its new assistants would also be available to consumers in the EU and other countries in the coming months.

Google Glass and Google Assistant are both virtual assistants that Google has created for the Google Home speaker device.

Google Glass allows users to play music and perform voice commands on their phones or smart home devices.

Google Assistant, which was first released in March 2018, allows users in the home to control the Google Assistant in real time.

The Google Assistant was released in November 2019 for the iPhone and was available for iOS and Android devices for a month.

Google has long been working on virtual assistants for Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Assistant TV and Android Home devices.