A new job in virtual assistants is opening up as employers look for someone to help with tasks such as scheduling and scheduling meetings.

Key points:A job is expected to be created in the coming weeks to help people manage their virtual assistants, the ABC understandsThe role is to help organisations with the use of personal assistant software and assist in the scheduling of meetings, and the hiring of a virtual assistants will be a priorityThe role will be in virtual environments and can be found in a number of locations, including at retail outlets, on social media and in the workplaceA virtual assistant can be a person with a range of skills such as helping people with tasks like booking flights, booking hotels, booking travel and even scheduling meetings, the job posting says.

Employers in Australia are looking for someone who can help people with these tasks, the Job Opportunities Agency (JOA) said in a statement.

“The role may involve providing information about the role to a person who needs it to complete a task and then directing them to the appropriate task manager,” the agency said.

“A person with the role will also be responsible for ensuring the task is completed successfully, and for providing feedback to the person who has completed the task.”‘

A lot of things have changed’Virtual assistants are increasingly popular and increasingly popular in the job market, with a total of 8.3 million virtual assistants employed by employers last year.

A job posting from a virtual agency in Melbourne said the virtual assistant role would be a part-time, part-year position in a virtual environment.

“Working in a highly-skilled, highly-customised virtual environment is challenging and can take a lot of people, including you, time,” the job description said.

“We’re looking for a full-time person who can provide you with the flexibility and expertise to provide the best customer experience.”

It said the job would require some degree of “integrity, honesty and dedication” to the role, but that the employer was looking for the right person.

“This person should be willing to work long hours, but also able to work effectively in a team,” the posting said.

The job posting did not state when a new position would be created, but a new role could be created very soon.

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