If you’re an IT professional, you may have already come across a few of the popular apps that offer personal assistants.

However, it’s still difficult to find a perfect one.

That’s why it’s worth taking a look at some of the best alternatives to the likes of Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Apple Pay.1.

Microsoft Cortana 2.

Apple Pay 3.

Google Assistant (iOS) and Apple Watch 4.

Amazon Alexa 5.

Amazon Echo 6.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 7.

Amazon Video 8.

Amazon Prime Video 9.

Slack 10.

Zoho 11.

Google Home 12.

Samsung Gear S2 13.

Philips Hue LED Lightsource 14.

Microsoft Surface Pro 15.

ZTE T3 16.

Nest Protect 17.

Google’s new Daydream View 18.

Google Cast 19.

Amazon Fire TV 20.

Microsoft HoloLens21.

Samsung Beam 22.

Microsoft Xbox One 23.

Samsung Galaxy S4 24.

Samsung Smart TVs 25.

Apple TV 26.

Microsoft Office 27.

Apple Pencil 28.

Amazon Switch 29.

Google Nexus Player 30.

Roku 30.

Apple Watch 31.

Amazon XPS 31.

Nest Thermostat 32.

Philips Nest Cam 33.

Samsung Cloud Player 34.

Amazon Appstore 35.

Samsung TV (2018) 36.

Sony Playstation 4 37.

Samsung Home 38.

Samsung Chromecast 39.

Microsoft Echo Dot 40.

Sony Smart TV 42.

Microsoft Band 43.

Microsoft Windows 10 45.

Apple AirPods 46.

Samsung BluRay Player 47.

Apple EarPods 48.

Apple Magic Mouse 49.

Samsung Magic Mouse Plus 50.

Samsung Notebook Pro 51.

Microsoft Treadstone 52.

LG SmartThings 53.

Nest Labs 54.

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