Why do Israeli people distrust the IDF so much?

According to a recent poll by the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, 55 percent of Israeli citizens believe that Israel is in a state of emergency, and that the IDF should be dissolved.

The survey also revealed that a majority of Israelis want the appointment of an independent prosecutor to investigate the attacks on the Gaza Strip, with 71 percent supporting the appointment.

The majority of the Israeli public also believes that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is illegal and that it has become an occupying power.

The survey found that 68 percent of Israelis think the occupied territories are part of the occupied West Bank, and 62 percent think that Israel has occupied the Golan Heights.

While most Israelis (75 percent) support the occupation of Palestinian lands, 51 percent believe that Israeli citizens should have the right to vote in Israeli elections, and 40 percent believe Israeli citizens have a right to protest.

A majority of Israeli Jews (52 percent) also believe that it is the duty of the government to hold elections, while 38 percent believe the government should not hold elections.

A plurality of Israeli Arabs (39 percent) believe that the Palestinians in the West of the country are suffering under the occupation, while 35 percent believe this is due to the occupation.

A total of 1,500 Israelis, including 3,200 military and 1,400 civilians, were killed in the Gaza conflict, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

Israelis are divided over how to resolve the conflict, with a majority (56 percent) favoring peace, while a majority are against it (60 percent).

A majority (59 percent) of Israeli Muslims support the right of Israelis to live in the occupied Palestinian territories, while 42 percent of Arabs support this position.

The Israeli daily Haaretz recently reported that Israeli security forces have shot at at least 12 Palestinians during a protest in the Old City of Jerusalem over the summer, which has raised concerns about the continued use of force.

According to the Haaretz report, Israeli soldiers shot at protesters in front of a church and at the entrance to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City, in response to the Palestinian protest against the arrest of the Muslim worshipers.

A similar incident occurred in September, when an Israeli soldier opened fire on an Israeli settler in the Hebron Hills in response at a Palestinian demonstration against the release of the prisoners of conscience, including a Jordanian who was convicted of stabbing a police officer in Hebron in 2009.

Israeli security forces shot at an unarmed man, killing him and injuring four others in the nearby town of Silwan, according the Israeli daily Maariv.