Google Home was an early success, but it may soon be on its last legs as the company has started to see signs of a slowdown in the consumer market.

The company is reportedly in talks with Amazon about a new service that would allow users to hire an assistant that would work on behalf of their home.

The service is reportedly going to be called Assistant Assist, and it would give users access to a virtual assistant that can do things like search for products on, manage the lighting in their home, and more.

That would put it in line with the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but not far off from Google Home.

Google has been making a concerted push to get its service into homes as part of a broader effort to broaden its services across the board, especially in the enterprise.

Google Home, however, has struggled to gain traction in its home market as it struggles to capture consumers who are still on the fence about whether or not to buy a smart speaker or smart home hub.

That’s partly due to the fact that Google Home is only available to Android phones, and the company hasn’t been able to make it easier for developers to create their own smart home apps.

In the past, Google has focused on offering voice control to its smart home devices, and Assistant Assist is being used to do that with Android devices, but now Google is looking to move away from that approach.

Google Assistant Assist might be one of the most anticipated products for 2017, and for good reason.

Assistant Assist will likely be a key part of Google Home’s future, and if it comes to market, it will likely bring with it a number of interesting features.

For starters, the new Assistant Assist service will let you make things like scheduling appointments and taking calls, which Google is hoping will help it win over consumers who still want to make smart home decisions on their own.

Google’s Assistant Assist won’t be the only voice assistant Google is offering for Home, though.

Google is also looking to add new capabilities to its other products, including its new smart speaker, as well as the upcoming Google Home Mini.

Assistant Assistant is one of those things that Google is really looking to push into the home, because it will allow it to do things it hasn’t done in the past.

Assistant is also something that Google will likely look to integrate into the Google Home Hub, which is another Google product that is expected to get a few more features in the near future.

Google may be looking to give more of a home-centric edge to its voice assistant, but Assistant Assist seems like a more targeted service that will appeal to more people.

Google says that Assistant Assist should be available for both Android phones and Apple TVs starting in January, and that the service will be available on Google’s new Android TV app in January 2018.