An Apple employee at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, has a job listing on the company website that says he is “an Apple virtual assistant for personal assistants.”

That job listing does not give the employee’s salary.

It says that he is working for a company called Hiring Virtual Assistant, which does not specify how much it would cost.

AppleInsider’s Jason Koebler recently asked Apple for more information on the salary, but a company spokesperson told him that the job was not available for him to view.

In addition to that job listing, Koeblers website contains a photo of a person wearing a “virtual assistant” hat and the words, “Apple hires.”

The job description on the website says that the employee will work with the company to “support Apple employees with their personal assistant tasks.”

But Koebers questions about that job description have been unanswered by Apple.

The company said in a statement to Koeblier that it “does not disclose specific compensation plans or salaries for its employees.”

What’s the difference between a personal assistant and a virtual assistant?

A personal assistant is a person that helps you perform a task that the person who has the job is able to perform.

A virtual assistant is someone who can do a job for you and who can help you accomplish tasks that the other person can’t.

It can be a person you can email or text and the other you can have your child do.

Both types of assistants have different roles.

They can be the person you need to take notes on a computer, take a picture of a dog or the person that will help you do your grocery shopping.

The best virtual assistants can help a customer, but they don’t always have the ability to do all the things you do.

A person who’s virtual assistant does not have to take all the time or effort out of the day to perform a specific task.

The person can just get up and get the task done.

If the job can’t be completed without the help of a virtual helper, then the virtual assistant will be considered a “service” rather than a “person” because the person is not responsible for completing the task itself.

When does an app become a virtual service?

Apple is the only company to offer virtual assistants for personal assistant services.

When an app is developed and launched, the software developer has to ask Apple to let it work on the app.

The App Store app store currently has about 60,000 apps available.

The number of virtual assistants in the App Store is relatively small because most of the people using the apps are using them to help with a personal service.

But Apple said it wants to make virtual assistants as available as possible.

The Apple Store app stores a large number of “virtual assistants” that are paid for by Apple, but the company has also created its own apps.

Apple is also using apps from third-party developers to help make its virtual assistants more accessible.

But when Apple first launched the App Stores, it was limited to providing virtual assistants that could do specific tasks.

Then Apple released the first “personal assistant” app, Siri, that was available only in the Apple Watch app store.

Then Siri became available on Apple TV, which became a hit with users.

Then it was available on iPhones and iPads, where users found that it was more useful to ask Siri to do something than to answer their questions.

Apple has said it hopes to make its apps as accessible as possible to users.

The current “virtual helper” app that can be downloaded for free is called Siri.

It does not allow users to use voice commands or use its voice search feature.

It only lets you ask Siri questions, like “What is the current weather forecast for the day?” or “Where is the best parking lot?”

But when you try to use Siri to help you with your grocery list, you are able to ask, “What do you need for dinner?” and it will show you a list of suggestions based on the weather, the location of your home and a list from the nearby restaurant or bar.

That list is then sorted by price.

The app works on the iPhone and iPad and on Apple Watch, but it is not available on the Apple TV.

When you search for an item on the AppStore, you can type in the name of the grocery store or bar, then Siri will take you to the app where you can ask Siri for more details.

If you don’t want to use the Siri service to answer your questions, you should check out the App for iOS and App for Mac apps.

You can also make sure to use your iPhone or iPad’s built-in microphone to ask for help.

If Siri is working well on your iPhone and you’re getting a lot of questions about your grocery lists, you might want to try the Siri Assistant App for iPad.

The Siri Assistant app is free to download and you can even test Siri by setting up a “voice call” to ask it questions.