Virtual assistants and other digital assistants have been on the rise for years, but they still lag behind the popularity of the traditional human assistants like Siri and Google Now.

While the rise of these services has made them popular, the majority of workers still rely on traditional human assistance, such as talking to an employer or trying to figure out how to navigate a complicated web.

Here are 10 ways to use these apps and services to help you do more with your job.


Ask for help with online banking.

You can pay online for credit and debit cards, make cash purchases and take out online orders.

Some online banks, like Chase and Bank of America, have an app that will let you make purchases online.

Some of the apps that are available include My Bank, My Cash and My Cash Card, and there are others like the Bank of North Dakota, the National Association of Realtors and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Columbia.

Paying with an online card is not the same as paying with a credit card, and you can’t make a debit or cash advance with an account.


Use Google Translate to translate articles.

You might not be familiar with Google Translator, but the service is a great tool for translation.

You’ll need to download Google Translates for free and have it open to read articles.


Use a web browser’s search engine to find an article.

You could use Google to search for articles or even search for an article by keywords.

You should also look for articles in English or a similar language, like Chinese.


Use Bing Translator to translate the web page you’re reading into a different language.

Google Translations is one of the top search engines, and it’s available for iOS and Android devices.

To get a search result in your language, just tap the “Translate” button.


Ask your employer for help.

You may need to ask your employer to give you help with your work, such a in-person interview, scheduling, scheduling a meeting, scheduling for a special occasion or a project.

Some employers require you to work for them, and some are accepting the application process on its own.

For example, you may have to apply for a job at the Department of Energy, or at the U-M Health system.


Pay your bills online.

If you have a bank account, you can use a payment service like PayPal or credit cards.

Some companies will accept Paypal as payment, and if you don’t have a PayPal account, there are other options.


Use the Google search engine and a web app to find job listings.

Many companies provide jobs listings in the Google App Store.

If there’s a job available, you’ll need a Google search to find the job listing.

You also can look up jobs using the UMD Job Search or the UMS Jobs page, which are both available through the Google app store.


Ask someone for help in your field.

You don’t necessarily have to ask someone for assistance, but some of the best opportunities come when you need help in a specific field.

There are job search engines and web apps that can help you find the people who can help with certain tasks, like cleaning your apartment, organizing your office or working with your pet.


Ask a professional to help.

Most companies will ask employees to perform tasks like preparing a project, making a phone call or answering a call.

Some offer payouts or other perks for employees who help.


Use an app or service to pay your bills.

Some businesses have a payroll app or an online platform that lets you make payments on behalf of employees, which can help pay your bill and get things done.