You probably have a virtual assistant for work, or a virtual tutor, or maybe a virtual cook, but what if you didn’t have one at all?

If you’re one of the millions of Americans with a physical assistant at home, what are your options?

It turns out there are plenty of jobs for virtual assistants.

As the number of virtual assistants grows, there are a lot of virtual jobs.

As more people use these virtual assistants, it makes sense that some jobs have grown as well.

Let’s take a look at what those jobs are.

The Best Virtual Assistant Jobs The Best Online Personal Assistant Jobs That Will Help You Grow Your Business Here are the best online personal assistant and online tutor jobs to help you grow your business.


Personal Assistant Job: As a professional virtual assistant at your home, your job is to work with people on a daily basis to answer their questions, provide personalized customer service and provide answers to their most important customer service needs.

You’ll need to know your audience, have good conversational skills and be willing to spend time in the real world interacting with people.

Most of the online personal assistants out there will also offer you an opportunity to learn more about them, and to see how they are doing.

You can get paid $100 to $300 a day.


Personal Tutor Job: The virtual assistant role in your life.

If you want to become a better tutor, you should start with an online personal tutor job.

You get paid based on how often you answer your students questions.

The more you answer correctly, the better the tutor will be.

The best online tutor job is probably going to be your friend’s job.


Social Media Assistant Job : It’s not just that you are a virtual, you are the person who’s on social media.

Some of the best social media assistants have been found to be paid based more on engagement and retention than on the content of the content itself.


Web Design Assistant Job The virtual design assistant role has gotten better and better over time.

In the past, virtual designers had to work at a traditional, traditional design company to get their start.

Now, they can find great freelance work in the web design industry.

These are all paid jobs.


Web Developer Job : You can’t go wrong with a virtual web designer job, but they may need to learn HTML coding to get the job done.

The Web Developer position pays based on the skills you bring to the job.


Video Designer Job : The video design job has gotten much more interesting over the past couple of years.

The average salary for a video designer job is around $100,000 a year, so it’s not all about making a profit.

Some companies even pay for a full-time job that you can leave if you want.


Web Designer Job: There are many different types of video designers out there, and a lot have jobs that require the same skills.

You might want to look into a video design gig if you are just starting out and want to make a living from the video production side of things.


Web Marketing Assistant Job This is a very interesting job.

There are a variety of different types, but the one that I’m most familiar with is Web Marketing.

You are responsible for creating content on your own site and marketing it on the web.

If this sounds like your type of job, it is. 9.

Digital Marketing Assistant job: You might be looking for a career as a digital marketing assistant.

These people are not just selling things on the internet.

They are working with a client to do digital marketing on behalf of their business.


Social Marketing Assistant (aka Social Media Marketing Assistant) Job This one may sound a little odd to some, but it is really great for people who are looking for paid gigs.

These social media marketers are paid for each engagement on their social media profiles, and you can even be compensated for every click.


Online Personal Advisor Job: These virtual assistants have become so popular that they have their own Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Twitter page and other platforms.

You’re responsible for being their personal assistant for the day.


Web Development Assistant Job You may be looking at a job that pays $50,000 to $100.000 a month, but that’s a lot more than you’ll ever make working in a traditional office.

The majority of the virtual assistant jobs pay around $15,000-$25,000.


Web Hosting Assistant Job These are the jobs that pay based on your experience and experience level.

If your web hosting experience is high enough, you might want a position with a large company.


Web Programming Assistant Job If you’ve been involved with the web programming world for a long time, you’re going to want to get a paid job as a web programmer.

These virtual assistant positions will pay $20,000 or more a month.


Web Sales Assistant Job