Personal assistants are becoming an increasingly important part of the smart home as more people start to buy their own devices and integrate them with home automation systems.

Now, a new startup is offering a service that would allow users to control and use the personal assistants in their homes without even touching their devices.

The company, called SmartAssistant, is based in Toronto and is a division of the same company that made the popular Wink smart home system.

The company is launching the service in the US and Canada on Tuesday.

Users can connect their own Wink smart devices to SmartAssister’s website and the company’s software will automatically start to connect them to the services.

Users will also be able to set up personal assistant accounts to manage their personal assistant settings and to manage access to the Wink system.

They can also manage their own personal assistant’s personal preferences, access to all their accounts and access to their profile data.

In the US, SmartAssistance users will be able connect their Wink devices to their smart home network and have SmartAssist’s software send them a personalized alert when a personal assistant has started to connect to the home.

While some people may find the new service a bit invasive, it’s expected to appeal to those who have been unable to access their own homes with Wink due to security concerns.

According to the company, Smartassistant will be a paid service, and it will include a $99 annual subscription fee.

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