Managers are expected to be a lot more aware of the people around them.

They are expected not to ignore them or not pay attention to their needs and wants, said Kala Patel, a senior partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and a member of the advisory board of the personal assistant platform Hootsuite.

The platform is expected to grow in India, where about half of the population is under 25 and about a third of all work is done by people under 25, Patel said.

HootSuite, which offers a suite of personal assistants, is also planning to bring its platform to India in the near future, she added.

Personal assistant services like HootSuit are a part of the HootApp family, a mix of other services including HootChat, HootMe, Hock, and HootTalk, and a service called HootShare that lets you share your photos, videos, notes, and notes to friends and family using a messaging app.

While Hootsuit and Hock are still being tested, it’s hoped that a platform like this will help developers build their own personal assistants.

Patel said that personal assistants are likely to be more connected than other apps, because you’ll be using the app every day and have a lot of interaction with it.

This is why the personal assistants need to be able to see the user’s profile, her phone status, and other details, she said.

Personal assistants also have to be mobile-friendly.

The devices are usually small, which means they need to have a battery, a camera, and microphones that can recognize and respond to the commands of the user, Patel explained.

If you don’t have these features, the user may have to do a lot to get it to work.

Personal assistants need a way to respond to voice commands and take pictures, so that the user can see them.

This will be particularly important for younger users, she explained.

The company also plans to make its personal assistants more customizable.

For instance, users can change the color and the size of the face of the app, she suggested.

Personal assistant services have also been built to help users organize their data, like photos and videos.

In the future, they will also have the ability to make recommendations based on your interests and needs, Patel suggested.