The hire of a personal assistant for a new hire is about to hit the road.

It’s the latest sign of how much people are turning to digital services, even in Australia.

The company is called Personal Assistant.

“I’m going to go into a room and I’m going be able to call people, and when I see a person sign up on my screen, I’m actually going to get them to signup,” the company’s chief executive, Mark Schlesinger, told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“I want to go and get them, but I don’t want to take them to the point where I’m paying them for my time.”

Mr Schlesingers said the new hires would work with him to build their company.

He said the personal assistant would provide the personal details about their clients to be sent to the business and that clients would also be able call the person back.

But he said they would only be able access those details once they had a contract with the business.

“The key thing for me is that the information is always with me,” he said.

“It’s not stored on my phone.”

And that was one of the main benefits of personal assistants, Mr Schlesings said.

His firm’s new hires were told they would be paid $10 per hour.

Mr McAfee said the company was planning to roll out personal assistants in other countries.

Personal assistants are now being used in Japan, Germany and the US, he said, and there are already some personal assistants on the road in the UK.