It’s the story of two men from different parts of Britain, who have lived in the same house for more than 30 years and are not the same person.

A mystery man from London has been living in the house for 30 years, and is the only person living in this house who hasn’t died.

In the 1970s, when he was in his 40s, he moved into the house with his wife and four children.

Now he lives with his son in his own home.

He tells the story to show how the mystery man came to live in a house with four people, one of whom died in 1992.

A new documentary about his life will show how he is the subject of one of the most unusual cases of a mystery man.

The documentary is based on the novel ‘Mysterious Man’ by Brian Trowbridge, which tells the tale of a man from the Old West who lived in a small town in the US.

In this case, he was living in a home with his family, and he would sometimes go to a bar to see people.

He is the one who has not died.

“The family had a real problem.

There was a man who was the most dangerous man in town.

I think he had an obsession with death.

He had a fascination with it,” Mr Trowbridgers wife says in the documentary.”

When he was a young man he would visit the cemetery in St Mary’s and look around at the bodies that had been buried there and it was a constant feeling of anxiety.”

I think the thing that was most frustrating for him was he had a great passion for history.

He really had an interest in things like that.

“He would go out and visit his parents and say, ‘I have this story to tell you, I am going to tell it’.”

So, he would go into this little cemetery and he just would get lost in the crowd of people.

“Mr Trowbergs wife is a historian and the two have met several times to discuss their research.

Mr Trowerber’s house was destroyed by fire in 2006, when a fire swept through the house.

The family has lived in different parts for the past 30 years.

It was his daughter’s family who decided to take him in, as he was quite ill and unable to walk.

He had a history of drug abuse, but he had recovered from that.

It is understood the family were reluctant to leave his family.”

In the house there was a very large garden, he lived in there.

He would be out for a few days and come back to the garden,” Mr Kowalas wife said.”

It was very difficult for him, he could not move into the garden.

“She said the family had tried to help him.”

We tried to encourage him, but it was not easy for him.

I don’t think that was the only time that we tried to persuade him, or the first time,” she said.

The house is now on the market and the family hopes to sell it for the money they paid for it.

The man in question is a mystery.

Mr Kowalaas wife was able to track him down and meet him at a local coffee shop.

He explained that he had taken his medication for depression, and was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.”

You know, he had to be a different person,” he said.

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