Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is calling for more integration with car-sharing companies to keep up with a growing number of people who are turning to ride-hailing services for personal and professional needs.

The company has rolled out an API for automakers that can help with car sharing.

Kalanik, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, also said that the company has more options for the drivers who are choosing to become Uber-like competitors, rather than just competing with the traditional taxi companies.

Uber’s expansion in China is the biggest challenge Uber has faced so far.

Kalans growth in China has been slow, and the company hasn’t released any new details about the business.

Uber is expected to report earnings this quarter, which is on Sept. 1, but it hasn’t publicly said how many drivers it has.

The company is now offering a free, one-year membership to drivers that will let them drive for Uber-type companies in China.

In its first quarter, Uber had $1.4 billion in revenue, which was up about 7 percent from the same quarter last year.

Kalanick said that Uber is working on a new business model for the future.

“We are seeing growth across many segments of our business and are now working on more opportunities for that,” he said.

It’s unclear whether Uber will expand in other parts of the world.

Uber said it is “considering several” expansion plans in China, the Middle East and Europe, but did not give a timeline for those plans.

While Uber has been able to expand its service to the U.S. and other parts by launching its own app, it has struggled in other countries.

Last year, Uber said that it was cutting 1,200 jobs.

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