Microsoft is hiring up to 3,500 new IT specialist jobs in Seattle and Redmond, Washington, to help boost the company’s Windows 8 PC launch, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider.

The company also said the new positions would help it expand its cloud services and help the company develop more secure and resilient solutions for its products and services.

The Seattle-based company’s first wave of hiring comes after a wave of hires in the past year, as Microsoft has been looking to improve its security and security awareness in light of the hacks and intrusions that have plagued its cloud and enterprise software offerings.

Microsoft was also expected to add at least one new employee to the Windows team as early as this summer, but it has not yet said what it will do to fill that position.

Microsoft’s new hires will help the Redmond, Wash.-based company keep up with the growth of the global software and cloud services market.

Microsoft is also expanding its cloud offerings, including offering the free CloudFormation, a free cloud-based service, to enterprises.

Microsoft has also announced plans to invest $1.7 billion in its cloud operations.