I’m not sure what you are trying to do, but here is the most popular question: which of these female employees are you trying to replace?

Here are some of the results from Hacker News: The most popular answer is that of those who are trying replace her.

That is, more than half of those responding to this question said that they want to replace her with someone who can do the same job, and one in five said they would not change anyone.

But a majority of those saying they would replace her do not seem to be very specific in their expectations.

For example, just 19 percent said that she would be “very knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced” and another 20 percent said she would “work hard and consistently.”

A few respondents even said that while they would like to replace the woman, she does not have the skills and experience necessary to do so.

“I can tell you this: She is not my ideal candidate.

I’m a professional,” one respondent said.

“But if I had to hire her, I would hire her to do the job.”

Another respondent said that, in her opinion, the woman is “more qualified than a male manager” and would “probably be a better fit for the company.”

But another respondent noted that they could hire a woman for the job, if they were “not too hard on her.”

“I’d be happy to hire the woman,” another respondent said, “but I think we could be more specific in what we’re looking for.”

One respondent said he would be comfortable hiring a woman who could be “an expert in her field.”

In the end, however, the results of this question are not a sign that women don’t want to work for a company like Google or Facebook.

They just don’t seem to have the skill set needed to do it.

The same question asked if people were “tired of working for men,” with a number of respondents saying that they would prefer a woman to do that job, even though a majority said that it would be too hard for a man to do.

The question also asked about whether people wanted to work in a “bondage-like” environment, with a large number of people saying that “I would be happy if a woman did that.”

Some respondents said that even though they might like a man who is “good at being bossy,” they would still prefer a man like that.

In addition, the question asked how many “top-notch” candidates were in the company, and the answers ranged from 0 to 3.

The most common response was that “the most excellent candidate is always the top-notches.”

One in three respondents said “I have not heard of a top- notch candidate.”

But some respondents said they might consider hiring a top notch candidate, even if that person does not meet the company’s expectations for competence.

“Maybe I’m the only one who wants to hire someone who is a top hat,” one user said.

Google declined to comment on the data, and a spokesperson said that the company had not heard the results.

Another person said that this survey had been going on for some time, and Google had already been recruiting for the position for several years.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently told the New York Times that Google is hiring for the “highest-level of positions in the world.”