A personal assistant can be helpful for the office and in your life.

They are the backbone of your life and it is very important that they are not just the person you need to send emails, call your friends, call people for appointments, or even make a coffee.

And the people you want to have a personal contact with.

You should make sure you have an effective personal assistant who is also a professional and professional who is knowledgeable in the areas of your business and in a business that is growing, and who is not too busy.

As a business owner, you need a personal advisor who can help you make your business grow and improve.

A personal advisor can be your first line of defense, a good person who can give you guidance on what to do and who can be there for you at times of need.

A good personal assistant should be a good friend, and that is what you want in a personal adviser.

This article is part of The Jerusalem Times’ special coverage of the personal assistant industry.