The search giant is suspending support for the Google Care Assistant in the country where it was launched in late April.

The news comes just days after the US Treasury Department announced it had ordered the company to halt all payments made to employees who had used the service to access its healthcare system.

Google said in a statement it was suspending the payment as of January 31, 2017, as it was unable to determine how the payment was used and whether the payment had been used to fund other services.

The move follows a similar announcement by Apple earlier this year that it was ending support for AppleCare as it had been using it to access the Apple healthcare system, which is available for US consumers.

AppleCare was a partnership with Apple that offered access to Apple’s healthcare system for US citizens and residents in exchange for a one-time fee.

Apple has been trying to revive its own healthcare systems since 2014, but has struggled to convince companies to adopt its technology and build it into products like its own iMac.

In January, the company announced plans to phase out AppleCare support for its iMacs, and announced plans in April to cut the number of employees using AppleCare in the US.

Apple also announced that it would shut down AppleCare and its apps for US residents and US citizens in 2018.

Google, however, is continuing to offer its own versions of AppleCare to employees and is continuing payments made through the company’s Android and iOS apps.

Google said it would continue to provide support for GoogleCare to US employees through the end of the month, but it was unclear how much it would pay to maintain support.

Google’s move comes as it also announced a number of changes to its healthcare services, including that its insurance company will no longer charge for health insurance coverage for healthcare-related events.

“GoogleCare will no long be available as a service to employees, and it will cease to be offered as a means to access healthcare coverage,” Google said on its blog.

“We believe the service was developed as a cost-effective way to ensure the continued access of US employees to the healthcare system.”

The company also announced it would stop selling Google Care devices in China, as its own device is available on the country’s market for about US$200,000.