A $10-per-hour robot that can answer your questions with your voice and respond to your emails?

Sounds like a good idea.

But, you probably can’t afford one.

A new robot company says it has the answer.

The company is called RoboVoice and it is a $20,000 device.

It can do all the things that a human voice assistant can, but it’s not programmed to do them.

The device can recognize people and ask questions about them, and can even respond to emails.

RoboVoice, which says it will have its debut on Nov. 3, will work by looking at your voice, and will respond to what you say, according to the company’s website.

You can control the robot from your phone.

It’s not going to look at you, nor ask you questions, nor answer your emails.

The robot, called Robo, is designed to be used in “voice-driven applications and in customer service.”

RoboVoice is currently working on a prototype.

But RoboVoice’s founders said they want to get the product into production, and they want it in your home.

The RoboVoice prototype was not the first device that was designed to help you answer your voice questions.

The makers of the Echo Spot have been developing a voice-controlled, home-based device that can do some of the same things that voice assistants can do, but they’ve been developing it for about six months.

The Echo Spot, which is owned by Google, has a voice recognition system that will allow you to use voice commands to do some basic tasks, like playing music.

The system will work in a home environment as well as an office environment.

The developers are also working on adding voice recognition to other smart home devices.

For example, the company says they are working on building a “Home Assistant” system that would integrate with your home thermostat, or thermostatically controlled lighting, or even a remote control to control lights and other devices.

It also has a built-in camera that can record video of your home and upload it to a website.

But while the Echo Dot is not a fully-fledged smart home system, the device is still an important addition to the marketplace.

The devices can also do tasks that an assistant like Siri can’t.

So, you can expect the RoboVoice system to work better with the Echo and other smart homes, the companies said.

But you will still need to pay for the Robo, because it is not yet a full-fledged product.

The price is $10 per hour, and the company is selling the device for $20.

Robo will only be available to purchase on Amazon starting next month.

Robo is currently seeking a business partner.

So far, the founders said that it has found one.

The first customer they have is a company called Bespoke Solutions.

They’re working with a hardware and software vendor to develop the Robo.

The founders said Bespokes has been offering a $2,500 robot to customers in its home automation market.

That system, called Avento, uses an Amazon Alexa device to talk to a connected speaker, but Robo is the company using an Alexa-powered system.

That means it’s going to work with other home automation devices.