The Irish IT firm said it was in talks with its former boss to hire a virtual assistant to help staff tasks.

“Our company has a very strong track record of hiring virtual assistants, and we’re very happy to be part of this, as they’re great and can be a very valuable asset for the company,” a spokesman said.

“We have had several conversations with a couple of the companies that have been in talks about this, and they’ve agreed to help us recruit the person.”

He said it would be in the company’s interest to retain its virtual assistant, as it is a key part of the IT process and would be able to help with more than 50% of its IT needs.

“A virtual assistant is a powerful asset to the company and can help the team with tasks that they might not otherwise be able, which is particularly helpful for IT teams,” the spokesman said, adding that the virtual assistant would be responsible for managing the computer infrastructure of the company.

The company said it wanted to recruit an “active and flexible” virtual assistant who could “provide a continuous stream of feedback, and work on a variety of tasks”, but that it was also looking to attract a “supervisor”.

The company previously had a virtual and a physical assistant working in the same office, but they were no longer working together.

A spokesman said the virtual and physical assistant roles had been “temporarily removed” to allow the company to improve its workforce.