The president on Friday warned that the country’s military needs to be better equipped, not less, to better serve the country.

He said that a new military budget must be balanced, but he warned that we need to be able to meet our obligations, but we also need to have the resources we need.

And he reiterated that he would like to see more Americans serving in the military, but the military has to be made more accountable, not more dependent on taxpayers.

“I think we’ve got to be looking at how do we build the military and we’ve gotta be looking to make sure that it’s not dependent on people’s tax dollars, but how do you ensure that it has the resources that it needs?”

Obama said.

We need to do more to make our military more accountable and more responsive to civilian authorities, but that also means that we’re not going to do it by relying on military hardware that’s going to be out of date, not going too far ahead with things that have not been tested out.

Obama said we have to have an infrastructure of support that will keep our military going, but this means a new approach, one that does not depend on the United States’ military capabilities.

This means that the military must be equipped, it must be well trained, it has to have some level of trust, and it has got to make decisions that are consistent with American interests.

In other words, we’ve been able to have a very, very robust military in the past, but what is necessary is an overhaul of how we sustain our military, Obama said, and that’s something we need a new generation of leaders to step up to do.

As president, Obama has tried to shift the balance of power away from the military in recent years, focusing more on diplomacy and foreign aid.

During his tenure, he has increased aid to the United Nations and the State Department, while also pressing for cuts in military spending.

He also has tried and failed to impose tougher sanctions on Iran, while keeping a lid on military spending, which he hopes will ease tensions with Russia.

But he has also had a mixed record on how to build an armed force that could be effective in confronting foreign adversaries.