A presidential candidate in Texas said Monday he wants President Donald Trump to put a border wall up along the U.S.-Mexico border, and he called on the GOP to follow suit.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal published Monday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said he thinks Trump has the right idea and the president needs to do it.

Trump’s border wall proposal has been criticized by Democrats as impractical and expensive.

But Cruz argued it is “perfect.”

He said he wants the president to “put a wall up on the border with the American people and make sure that there is an appropriate process for determining whether a wall is feasible.”

Trump said Monday that he is “ready to put up a wall” and has asked for a border tax to fund it.

“The president said he’s ready to do a wall,” Cruz said.

“He wants to build a wall and a fence, not a wall, not border, not fence.”

Trump’s proposed wall would be about 1,200 feet long and would be funded by a $1 trillion tax on imports.

The plan also includes funding for “border wall prototypes,” as well as hiring 1,000 border agents and 700 agents for immigration enforcement.