The Personal Assistant for Android, a new mobile app from the makers of the popular personal assistant Cortana, is here to help you get more out of your time.

The app is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free.

The company is launching a beta test in the US this week, and in the UK, the app is also available to download.

The new app is designed to make it easier for businesses to hire professional assistants.

“Personal assistants are a natural fit for Android,” said Richard Dube, general manager of Google’s Personal Assistants program.

“They can perform tasks for the user that are often hard to do on a mobile device, and can also get paid for the work they perform.”

The app uses Google’s cloud-based technology, and the company has added support for Google Wallet and Google Search to allow you to access your data on any device, including Android phones and tablets.

You can see the app in action below.

The personal assistant is a new version of the app that was launched back in September.

When the app launched, it was only available in US, but the company now plans to roll it out to all of the world’s countries, including the US.

“As of now, the beta test is in Europe and Australia, so expect to see the new version in the region soon,” Dube told Business Insider.

“You can sign up to be a beta tester now to see what’s new and what’s improved in the next update.”

The Personal Assistant for Android uses Google Cloud Messaging, and Google has also added a new feature that allows you to set a timer to remind you of tasks, such as reading a book or playing a game.

“The timer will appear on the top of the screen with a red cross,” Duce told BusinessInsider.

“Then, when you pick it up, you’ll see the task being performed on a countdown timer.”

To get started, you can enter a name for your personal assistant.

Then you can tap on the timer icon, and then the app will start tracking your tasks.

The timer will be on your screen for 30 seconds, and once the timer expires, it will count down.

The Personal assistant also works on Android phones with Bluetooth and will sync to Google services, including Google Calendar and Google Play Music.

Once the timer runs out, it can be dismissed.

“Once the timer goes off, the timer will automatically stop,” Dute said.

“This means you won’t have to pick up your phone to check on your tasks, and you can still have the timer appear on your taskbar.”

Google has added an option to show a list of all tasks for your assistant, which can be helpful if you want to see which tasks are being done at any given time.

“We’ve also added another feature that shows the tasks for which your assistant is doing work,” Dase said.

You will also be able to add tasks to your list, and also show tasks you have completed.

“It’s really useful to be able track a task and have a list that shows all the tasks completed,” Dade said.

If you are an Android user, the company is also working on adding a new personal assistant for iOS, which it says will be available “later this year.”

The company also says the app has a new look and feel.

You now see your assistant’s face and name, which you can customize by adding your own voice commands, like the “Ok Google” or “OK Google” commands.

“So, if you’ve ever wanted a personal assistant that was more friendly, you won’st have to look any further than this app,” Dede said.

Personal assistants are always in demand.

According to data from Google Trends, Google’s personal assistant Alexa, which has more than 9 billion searches per month, is the most-searched-for personal assistant in the world, and it has already surpassed Alexa in terms of searches.

And there is no doubt that Cortana, the voice assistant that is the third most searched personal assistant on Android, is a huge success.

“Google is making an app for people to use that has everything a professional assistant needs,” Due said.

The team has also expanded the company’s personal assistants in the last few months.

In November, they added the ability to ask questions, and last month they added voice assistants for iOS and Android, but these additions were not part of the initial beta release.

“For many businesses, the personal assistant can be a big drawcard, but they’re often less helpful than their digital counterparts,” Dume said.

With Cortana and Google Now, the new personal assistants are more like real-time data, and users have the ability of adding reminders or tasks to them.

This new feature also allows for more control over the assistant, Dade added.

“With Cortana and Now, you have a personal manager