By now, most people know the importance of having a personal assistant.

You don’t want to spend a ton of time working alone, but you also don’t need a personal trainer to make your life easier.

You can get some advice from your personal assistant, of course, but they’re more likely to offer you tips than direct you to help you out.

Here are 5 ways to make yourself a better personal assistant and avoid becoming a personal slave.


Ask questions to find out what your personal assistants are like.

It can be helpful to have some questions on your mind.

For example, if you’re a big fan of your personal helper, maybe you think they need to work harder, be smarter, and take more breaks than you do.

Or maybe you just want to know what they think of your life and what you want from your life.

Whatever your personal question is, ask it in a direct way, and be specific about the questions you want answered.

If you’re not sure what your assistant wants, ask them in a friendly, non-offensive way, like, “Is there a special place I can spend my time with you?”

This can also help you get to know them better, and it also can show your assistant that you’re curious about their work.


Make sure you’re comfortable around your personal aide.

When you ask a personal aide for help, make sure you are comfortable with them.

You’ll probably find it’s easier to talk to someone who’s more comfortable and familiar with the office, and you’ll get a better feel for them.


Make a “big plan.”

This is important.

Asking a personal helper for help can be a great way to show that you trust them, and to show your confidence in them.

If your assistant isn’t comfortable with you, it’s a good idea to take a break from your day job and ask them for advice.

You want to be able to give them a heads-up about any problems you might have, and for them to know that you are looking for help.


Find out how they’re doing their job.

You’re probably wondering how they got into their job, what their job responsibilities are, and what they’re like as a person.

You may even be asking about their personality, or asking them about other people they know who have the same job.

It’s important to find a person who knows the office well, and that person can help you determine what’s important for you.


Talk about it in person.

It might be helpful if you ask them to be a little more honest about what’s going on in their life, or about the things they’re excited about, or what they love about being a personal care assistant.

It helps to get to a place where you know they’re genuinely excited about what they do, and they’re confident about their abilities.

This way, you can talk about the job, the responsibilities, and the person who does it, and get a sense of what they actually think about your life, your goals, and their work as a personal service.