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The BBC’s personal assistant feature looks at the top personal assistants in the world, asking how well they work and why they’re used.

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Personal assistants are now increasingly common in many businesses, and they can offer you many of the same benefits as your team members.

Personal assistant services are available from the likes of Google Assistant, Apple Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Microsoft Office.

Read more about personal assistants Find out more about your personal assistant: Personal assistant tools Personal assistant applications and tools Personal assistants offer many benefits, including: – More time for work and family – Improved communication between people – Easier and faster task management – Easily manage your emails, contacts and calendar with one voice – Easy collaboration between teams – More options for personalised productivity tasks – More efficient and cost-effective use of your office space – More ways to manage your productivity and work environment – Access your personal details from anywhere, at any time – You can also find more personal assistant tips and tricks on our blog.

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