Care assistants are being hired for jobs at personal assistant applications like the one from Google, according to LinkedIn.

The personal assistant platform is known as Google Assistant and is available to both paid and free users.

It is also being offered to employees who work remotely from a desktop computer.

A Care Assistant spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that the company is hiring remote personal assistants for jobs in their care assistant role.

“Google Assistant is an amazing app that’s been on our list for some time,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to partner with Google to bring Care Assistant to the next level, where our employees will be able to work from home on their own schedule, in their own offices, with their own assistants, and to interact with their family, friends, and colleagues.”

The spokesperson also said that the Care Assistant team will be using the app to improve the app and that Google Assistant would be integrated into the platform in the near future.