The Windows phone app that was a hit on iOS, but now will hit Android soon is finally arriving for Google’s virtual assistant.

The app will work with any Android phone or tablet, and is slated to launch later this year, according to a Google spokesperson.

It’ll also be compatible with Apple’s iOS app, as well as Samsung’s own Android app.

Google’s Cortana is Google’s answer to Siri, which it bought last year.

Cortana is designed to work with the various Google services, and can use voice commands to respond to your queries.

It’s also integrated with Google Maps and Google’s social network, Google+.

Google is also adding a new voice assistant for Android phones, a new Google Assistant for Windows Phone, and other services in an effort to boost the voice assistant experience for the platform.

While Cortana will work on Android, Apple has yet to reveal a timeframe for when Cortana will officially launch for Android.

That’s the reason the app is going to launch on both platforms.

Microsoft’s Cortana will come to Windows phones and tablets in the coming months.