It’s the latest story of home automation stolen by companies who take advantage of the same problems people face in finding smart home solutions.

The problem is, as a consumer, it’s hard to find software to find your own smart assistant when you know you’re not alone in that role, according to a new report from consumer group Consumer Watchdog.

 For the last decade, some smart home companies have been leveraging existing software and hardware.

Some even bundled the products with devices in homes for remote control.

The report says that’s not good enough.

It highlights several of the problems the consumer group points out in an open letter to the company it represents, pointing out that these products should never have come to consumers without a consumer experience and that companies should invest more in their product customer service.

It’s the new normal For most of us, it takes an active effort to find personal assistant software.

It could be a brand, service or device.

If you’re looking to find the best personal assistant out there, you’re in a similar position.

However, some consumers are finding it difficult to find alternatives.

In a statement to Consumer Watchdogs, a Samsung spokesperson told The Verge that “Samsung and our app developers have committed to ensure that all products that are compatible with Samsung HomeKit are available to consumers.”

Samsung didn’t comment on the specific issues listed in the Consumer Watchzone report.